EMV Chip Card


Beginning in January 2018 Tri-Lakes Federal Credit Union will be replacing our current Debit Cards with the new EMV Chip card.  Members will start receiving their new cards in January.  Reissue will depend on the MONTH that your current card expires.  If you card expires in April 2019, you will receive your new card this April.  All cards should be reissued by the end of 2018.


If you are a joint cardholder, you will be receiving a new debit card in the coming weeks.  This card will be a regular debit card, NOT a chip card.  These cards will expire in JUNE 2018.  At that time you will receive your new CHIP card.  Joint account holders can no longer have the same card number and pin number as the primary account holder.  The JOINT card holder will be getting a new card, which will have a different expiration date, CVV number and pin number.

We are excited to provide our membership with the latest state of the art technology to help reduce the risk of fraudsters targeting your personal information.  Using your new chip card is easy.  If a merchant does not have a chip enabled terminal you will still be able to swipe the card as a regular debit card.

If you have any questions regarding this change over please feel free to contact us at 518-891-1666.

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