My husband and I recently had our credit cards stolen while we were on a trip to Italy. It happened on a weekend so we were not able to call the Tri Lakes Federal Credit Union. We instead called a friend who in turn called an employee of the Tri Lakes Federal Union at her home.  She called Lisa Meyer who came in on a Sunday and canceled our Tri Lakes Federal Union credit card.  We so appreciated the special attention.


Amazing place with such amazing people. The staff is always friendly, polite, and helpful whether in person or on the phone. Great management has made this place rise to new standards. Thanks for all you do 🙂

Alaina W.,

TLFCU is the best bank-like institute I have ever known. Over five years ago, when my wife and I moved from Saranac Lake to Florida, I investigated a number of local banks and credit unions to determine which one had the same -- or even similar -- features, and found none. I some respects TLFCU is a bit inconvenient being so far away, but both my wife and I agree that it is the best choice for us. We travel a lot, and have never had any troubles using ATM's. Oh, there are some mild minor problems, like having to use Post Office ATM's in Japan.

But look at the benefits of a TLFCU debit card: No annual fee. No foreign transaction fees (most banks charge about a 3% conversion from foreign currency to US Dollars); no Bank fees by the foreign bank whose ATM's we use. I've run only once into a bank that tried to charge me a transaction fee, but all I needed to do was to cancel the withdrawal and walk half of a block to another bank where they did not charge for using their ATM's. (This happened in Queenstown, New Zealand). I have closely watched the exchange rate, within minutes of the ATM transaction and it's never been off more than a penny or two ...and it's a toss of a coin as to on which sidef the penny or two difference is. But the best reason we are sticking with TLFCU is their friendly staff. We love talking to them on the phone -- I don't know if I should mention their names.... better not. They recognize my voice, which makes me feel like a king. And, about once a year when we come to Saranac Lake for a summer visit, we stop by the TLFCU several times to say hello; whether we make the stop to do a transaction or not. I am extremely pleased with TLFCU and I'm actually glad that I did not find a local bank or CU to transfer our accounts to.

Pete G.,