Fun Facts About Fall

Fall is in the air

The cool, crisp days of autumn are approaching. As fall creates a colorful display and kids play in leaf piles on the lawn, you may be interested in a few lesser known facts about this beloved time of year.

Pumpkins were once used to remove freckles and cure snake bites.

Autumn’s full moon is called, The Harvest Moon. Long ago farmers would take advantage of the Harvest Moon’s light to “harvest” their crops because in late summer and early autumn many crops would ripen all at once. This made farmers have to stay in the fields long after sundown to harvest them and the moonlight became essential to their harvest.

More fun facts about Fall

It takes about 36 apples to create one gallon of apple cider.

Those born between September and November are more likely to live to 100 than those who were born in other times of the year.

There are over 8000 varieties of apples.

Pumpkins are also grown all over the world: six of seven continents (all except Antarctica), to be exact. 

While Americans typically use the word “fall,” the British use the word “autumn,” though both terms date around the 16th century. Before these terms, the period was called “harvest.” 

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, takes place each autumn. The festival began as part of a crown prince’s wedding celebrations in 1810 and has continued since. About 1.3 million gallons (5 million liters) of beer are poured during the festival. 

The first Jack O’Lanterns were actually made from turnips.